Customer designer facials

Everyone’s skin is unique, and must be treated as such.

Knowing your skin type is important, but recognizing the skin conditions as well, is a must to efficiently take care of one’s complexion. Therefore, customized designer facials, are necessary to address the skin in a holistic approach, in order to treat the symptoms, strengthen, and rebuild the skin on a cellular level, to finally heal, repair and protect as a final result.

A strong emphasis on self care, through daily regimen, weekly maintenance, and seasonal boosters, is encouraged to detoxify, stimulate, and replenish one’s skin health, vibrancy, and youthfulness.

Rhonda Allison & EMA PEELS
Micro needling therapy
Micro current, light therapy…
Face yoga instruction


What They Say

Laura, Philo

 » I’ve been seeing Samantha for many years and she has significantly helped abate and control my rosacea and aging skin problems. Her professional skin care analysis provides the proper selection of products at each session so over time you see a significant difference in your skin texture and tone. Each session is thoroughly relaxing in a clean, comfortable and smoothing environment. She offers an excellent selection of natural products to use between sessions which adds to the total and pleasurable experience. I highly recommend Samantha for your personal skin care. « 

Holly, Mendocino

 » I have been a client of Samantha’s for over 10 years. I have loved and appreciated her facials, skin care advice and array of products. I view an appointment with Samantha as a gift to myself.
About two years ago, Samantha began talking to me about the benefits of Face Yoga, especially for aging skin. I was curious about it, so I scheduled a session with her, targeting the under eye area. We spent an hour together practicing the different « poses, » and making sure I knew the workout routine. I’ve been really gratified with the results: a reduction in under eye puffiness and a general tightening of the skin. If you have specific concerns about the skin on your face, plastic surgery isn’t your thing, give it a try! It’s worked for me! « 

Paige, Casalegno

 » As someone who has struggled with cystic acne since adolescence, fiding Samantha was life-changing. She has hleped to normalize my skin to where I have smaller and fewer breakats. The experience of her space is calming, welcoming, and non-judgemental. It can be scary tu have our skin without make-up, but Samantha is a delight and makes the whole time rejuvinating. I’m so grateful and thanful for her and would recommend her to anyone. »